Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4
Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4
Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4
Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4

Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4

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Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs 

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Edible icing sheets for Easter eggs A4

With this service we can create your own designs on edible icing sheets, such as photos, text, etc. and decorate your Easter eggs.

You can choose the ready-made dimensions or send us your own.

The image is printed with edible inks and all the materials we use are edible and have the necessary certification.

*In case that the photo you have chosen for printing has a white background, then we add a border (frame) around it in the size you have chosen, so that the perimeter cutting can be easier and more accurate. In case you don't want us to add the border, please write it to us in the "Image customization" field before adding the product to your cart. If you choose to receive the designs cut then this frame should be added anyway.

Do you want to design your own edible print online now?

Ok, then select the link below to upload your image, write your text and customize them however you want! The same design will be printed in as many copies as we indicate in the dimension selection.


Shelf life of edible sheets (if stored in a sealed bag, at room temperature, in a dark place.)

- Icing sheet (Decor Paper PLUS A4)       : 6 months

- Chocolate tranfer Sheets Choco Sheets: 12 months

- Waffer sheets                                    : 12 months

- Meringue sheets                                : 12 months

Ingredients and Nutritional information  

Icing sheet (Decor Paper PLUS) Ingredients without E171

Thickener E1422, E1412; Maltodextrin, Humectant E422, Water, Sugar, Color E170, Dextrose, Stabilizer E460i, E414, E415; Emulsifiers E435, E491, E471; Preservative E202, Acidity Regulator E330, Flavour

Icing sheet (Decor Paper PLUS) Nutritional information per 100g

Energy 1527 kJ / 365 kcal

Fat 0.5 g

of which

- saturated, <0.1 g

carbohydrates 89.7 g

of which

- sugars, 14.9 g

fiber 1 g

protein 0 g

salt 0.071 g

Choco Sheets Ingredients

Corn Flour , Cocoa Butter , Sugar , Modified Starch E1422 , Potato Flour  , Water , Dried egg white (contains egg), Skimmed milk powder (contains lactose) Olive Oil            , Salt

Choco Sheets Nutritional information per 100g

energy  1845 kJ / 440 kcal

fat          22 g

of which

- saturates,         19 g

- mono-unsaturates,      3 g

carbohydrate     60 g

of which

- sugars,               10 g

- starches,           50 g

fibre      0 g

protein 10 g

salt         2.54 g

Wafer Paper Ingredients

Potato starch , Water , Olive Oil , Maltodextrin

Wafer Paper Nutritional information per 100g

energy     1590 kJ / 375 kcal

fat            3.6 g

of which

- saturates,               0.5 g

carbohydrate           85.6 g

of which

- sugar,     0.1 g

- starches, 85.5 g

fibre         0 g

protein    0.1 g

salt           0 g


Meringue Sheets Ingredients

Corn-starch (modified) E1422 , Sugar ,Water            , Maltodextrin , Potato Starch ,Gum Arabic             E414, Glycerin E422 ,Polysorbate 60 E435 .

Meringue Sheets  Nutritional information per 100g

energy     16 kJ / 4 kcal

fat            0.2 g

of which

- saturates,               0 g

- mono-unsaturates, 0 g

carbohydrate           <0.2 g

of which

- sugars,    <0.2 g

- starches, <0.2 g

fibre         0 g

protein    0.28 g

salt           7.87 mg

Edible Ink Ingredients

Water      - Monopropylene glycol E1520 , , Citric Acid E330, Glycerol E422 ,  Colour             E151 ,E110* , E102* , E122* , E133

* May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children






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